General Income Tax and Benefit Guide 2010

Overview: This guide will help you complete your 2010 income tax and benefit return. It is important to use the package for the province or territory where you lived at the end of the year so that your provincial or territorial tax and credits can be calculated properly.

Statement of Real Estate Rentals

Overview: If you received income from renting real estate or other real property, you have to file a statement of income and expenses. You report the rental income you earned in the calendar year (from January 1 to December 31).

Statement of Employment Expenses

Overview: Used to calculate your allowable employment expenses.

Statement of Business or Professional Activities

Overview: Combines the two previous forms, T2124, Statement of Business Activities, and T2032, Statement of Professional Activities, and may be used to report either business or professional income and expenses (including self-employed commission sales). However, if you have both business and professional income, you must complete a separate Form T2125 for each.